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RCFP Plant

1. Name of the plant : Rashidpur Condensate Fractionation Plant
2. Plant Area : Bhahubal, Habigonj
3. Feed : Heavy Condensate from Bibiyana Gas Field of Chevron Bangladesh
4. Finished Product : Heavy Condensate from Bibiyana Gas Field of Chevron Bangladesh
5. Capacity : 3750 barrel per day
6. Commencement of production : 1st stage: 1 2500 bbl/day, 2009
2nd stage: 1 1250 bbl/day, 2012
7. Production of : Diesel           : 937.5 bbl/day
Kerosene      : 937.5 bbl/day
Motor Spirit : 1875 bbl/day
8. Production of : Octane: Conversion of Motor Spirit to Octane by the addition of Octane-Booster, Production of Octane depends on the demand of oil marketing company.
9. Cumulative sales of products :

45230.171 Bowser (up to May, 2013)

A self-finance project having a capacity of 3x1250-Bbl/day is now in production to fractionate the condensate brought from Bibiyana Gas Field of Chevron Bangladesh into petrol, diesel, kerosene. As per DPP estimated cost of the project is Tk.15855.53 lakh including a foreign currency component of Tk.13518.88 lakh.

In the first phase, installation of a 1 2500-bbl/day capacity condensate fractionation plant has been completed under EPC contract and is now on operation since 09-08-2009 . The fractionated petrol, diesel, kerosene have been in sale since 09-08-2009 . Alongside, a portion of petrol is being converted to octane by the mixture of an additive called Octane Booster since 27-04-2010 .

In the second phase, for the installation of a 1 1250-bbl/day capacity condensate fractionation plant an EPC contract was signed on 23-12-2009 with M/s Zicom Equipment Pvt. Ltd., Singapore .

Rashidpur Condensate Fractionation Plant has been inaugurated by the Honble Prime Minister, Government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh , on 30 April, 2012 .

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